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Group One
Tuesday, 5 June 2012
Meet & Greet To Be Hosted in Gallup.
Now Playing: fwd: Dave Fouse, NM Dept. Adjustant/Quartermaster
Topic: Entertainment

Dear VFW,

My name is Ken Riege and I am the General Manager of the Comfort Suites in
Gallup and a veteran of the US Air Force and Desert Storm.  On Saturday,
July 7th the Comfort Suites in Gallup will be hosting an amazing event with
some amazing veterans.  We will be hosting a meet and greet with Medal of
Honor Recipient Mr. Hershey Miyamura and the Navajo Code Talkers.  I have
attached a flyer for you and by all means please post to your website, print
copies for anyone that may want one, etc.  We are hoping for a huge crowd of
people for what will surely be an amazing event.  I thank you for your time
and hope to see you at the Comfort Suites in Gallup.


Ken Riege
Comfort Suites

(No flyer attached)

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 7:44 AM MDT
Sunday, 3 June 2012
Vet Caps & Morons
Now Playing: fwd: email from Richard
Topic: Entertainment
Vet Caps and Morons

A few days ago my best friend from high school sent me a 'Viet Nam Veteran' cap. I never had one of these before, and I was pretty hyped about it, especially because my friend was considerate enough to take the time to give it to me.

Yesterday, I wore it when I went to Walmart. There was nothing in particular that I needed at the world's largest retailer; but, since I retired, trips to Wally World to look at the Walmartians is always good for some comic relief. Besides, I always feel pretty normal after seeing some of the people that frequent the establishment. But, I digress...enough of my psychological fixations.

While standing in line to check out, the guy in front of me, probably in his early thirties, asked, "Are you a Viet Nam Vet?"

"No," I replied.

"Then why are you wearing that cap?"

"Because I couldn't find the one from the War of 1812."

I thought it was a snappy retort.

"The War of 1812, huh?" the Walmartian queried, "When was that?"

God forgive me, but I couldn't pass up such an opportunity.

"1936," I answered as straight-faced as possible.
He pondered my response for a moment and responded, "Why do they  call it the War of 1812 if it was in 1936?"

"It was a Black Op. No one is supposed to know about it."

This was beginning to be way fun!

"Dude! Really?" he exclaimed. "How did you get to do something that COOOOL?"

I glanced furtively around me for effect, leaned toward the guy and in a low voice said, "I'm not sure. I was the only Caucasian on the mission."
"Dude," he was really getting excited about what he was hearing, "that is seriously awesome! But, didn't you kind of stand out?"
"Not really. The other guys were wearing white camouflage."
The moron nodded knowingly.
"Listen man," I said in a very serious tone, "You can't tell anyone about this. It's still 'top secret' and I shouldn't have said anything."
"Oh yeah?" he gave me the 'don't threaten me look.'
"Like, what's gonna happen if I do?"

With a really hard look I said, "You have a family don't you? We wouldn't want anything to happen to them, would we?"
The guy gulped, left his basket where it was and fled through the door. By this time the lady behind me was about to have a heart attack she was laughing so hard. I just grinned at her.

After checking out and going to the parking lot I saw Dimwit leaning in a car window talking to a young woman. Upon catching sight of me he started pointing excitedly in my direction. Giving him another 'deadly' serious look, I made the 'I see you' gesture. He turned kind of pale, jumped in the car and sped out of the parking lot.

What a great time!

Tomorrow I'm going back with a Homeland Security cap.

Whoever said retirement is boring just needs the right kind of cap!

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 6:24 AM MDT
Sunday, 29 January 2012
Welcome Home
Now Playing: Fwd: Thanks Selso
Topic: Entertainment

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 8:12 AM MST
Friday, 27 January 2012
Where Ever You Are
Now Playing: Fwd email. Thanks Mike
Topic: Entertainment
  This video is
> taken from a British series where a guy called Gareth Malone takes a
> group of people and turns them into a choir. This time he's taken a
> group of military wives whose husbands are all away in Afghanistan and
> turned them into a choir. Gareth looks about 16 yrs old but is
> actually in his mid-30s and a Choirmaster for the London Symphony
> Orchestra, among other things. They wrote a song based on excerpts
> from letters written by the couples whilst apart and this is the
> beautiful result. 

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 10:18 AM MST
Updated: Friday, 27 January 2012 10:22 AM MST
Tuesday, 24 January 2012
Tom Rush Says it about Right
Topic: Entertainment

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 10:01 AM MST
Monday, 23 January 2012
Grandstands at Green Bay
Now Playing: Fwd: by Cathy
Topic: Entertainment

November 14, 2011 at Lambeau Field

This  is what ESPN failed to show you Monday night, 11/14/2011 Apparently, they 

  thought their commercials were more important than showing this scene for 

  about 5 seconds.





 If you don’t think our country is under attack FROM WITHIN, you might need to re-think your involvement in this country and the freedoms which our VETERANS fought and many died for.


Posted by vfwpost3274 at 6:54 AM MST
Friday, 14 October 2011
Topic: Entertainment

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 1:09 PM MDT
Updated: Friday, 14 October 2011 1:14 PM MDT
Thursday, 11 August 2011
We don't need no fricking Bottle Water out in these parts. We've got our own "stuff".
Now Playing: Courtesy of CNN, 8/12/11
Topic: Entertainment

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 8:24 AM MDT
Updated: Friday, 12 August 2011 8:25 AM MDT
Saturday, 23 July 2011
Sgt. Reckless
Now Playing: Thanx Iris
Topic: Entertainment

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 7:21 AM MDT
Friday, 8 July 2011
This was at the Stop & Shop in Orleans on Friday: in Cape Cod, MA
Now Playing: Thanx Bev!
Topic: Entertainment

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 2:45 PM MDT

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