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General Information
Post 3274
Group One
Wednesday, 7 November 2018
Random 'Ritins
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RANDOM ‘RITINS NO 103 (Military cap)


                             THE MILITARY CAP

            I am a 95-year-old veteran who quite often wears a black and white baseball type cap labeled World War II.

            The label does proclaim I am a veteran of that war. It provokes two stories for me to talk about,  both questions posed recently, one to me as I dined at a restaurant., the other to a mother sitting within hearing distance at a different restaurant.

            The first question was a hurtful one posed by an unknown Vietnam War veteran sitting at a restaurant table near me.

            “Where did you fight in that war? Were you hurt?  Both questions were in a smiling, friendly opening conversation that quickly went sour when the Vietnam solder heard my reply.

            “I was not in combat, I was in supply, I said”.  The smile disappeared and was replaced by a sneer as the grunt replied “You ain’t no vet then.  And you can’t wear a cap that says you are !”

            “I was where the Viets were shooting at me and my guys and we  shot back and took out a few, maybe a lot. That’s combat,” he said.

            This sounded as if I was being accused of not serving our country and was just bragging about being a soldier. I was not going to walk away from that.

            This happened as my wife was away at a funeral. She was not present to place a restraining hand on me when she saw me seething and perhaps ready to get and lay a punch on the combat vet who spouted his achievements at places called An Ke and Plailku or something like that.

            In mentioning my wife, I must mention we are second spouses, wed after each other spouse passed away. Her earlier husband was a Purple Heart veteran of  D-Day combat, a friend who didn’t regard me as anybody but a veteran.

            Returning to the story, I probably was seething but I quietly told this guy that in World War II, I was one of the later-on suppy guys who made sure he and his guys  in  Vietnam had working gun and the ammunition he and his guys needed to use the gun.

            Now I will brag.   I think I might have made a good point and began to change that one man’s thinking.  I firmly believe that he isprobably is one of the many Vietnam veterans who are proud of their service but feels many Americans are their enemies.

Vietnam veterans are “Comrades In Arms” and I am proud to say to them “Thanks For Your Service.”

As a last comment on this subject, I often wonder I do not see “Vietnam Veteran” hatsand thefore cannot salute the with a handsake and “Thank Yu For Your Service”.



And now to a conversation that poses to me the question “Have schools, national and local, abandoned the teaching of history?”

In a different restaurant about the same time as in my previous story, a young girl about eight or nine, sitting wither mother at an adjacent table noticed my World WAR II cap and said to her mom “What Does World War II mean?:

That startled me and perhaps her mother. However, the mother promptly began in a low voice to explain a few things about that war and continued the conversation as they left the restaurant. Mother knew but her daughter didn’t.

That is the basis for my question about teaching. Are students now paying no attention to history if it is being imparted or are things like wars dropped from history.?”





With all that off my mind now, there’s one more thing I’d like to explain. Do I always wear that WWII hat to gain “Thank You For Your Service” comments or handshakes?

NO !  At my age now, I like conversation when I am out and about. Making friends with people I might have liked to have known in my early years is stimulating and it is my way of  continuing to stay alert, healthy and keep an aging memory still working.                                           OK, now I’m done.    – 30 -

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 2:05 AM MST
Saturday, 3 November 2018



Canteen is open


on Sundays


during NFL


Football Season


from 11 AM.....


Oh! Did I mention, Sandwiches and Snacks AVAILABLE!!!!!


and Ask about our New Raffle!! Could you use an extra

$500? Need I ask.

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 7:56 AM MDT
Updated: Saturday, 3 November 2018 8:16 AM MDT
Friday, 2 November 2018
Now Playing: Thanks Laverne

Friday, November 2nd - Dart Tournament

Sunday, November 4th - Daylight Savings Time ends.  Set clocks BACK one hour.

Tuesday, November 6th - Election Day - Everyone please VOTE

Thursday, November 8th - House Committee meeting 5:30 PM

Saturday, November 10th - US Marine Corps established 1775

                                                 Commander Eddie Rodriquez Birthday

                                                 Veterans Day Parade 10:00 AM - Lunch follows at VFW Post 3274

Sunday, November 11th - Veterans Day

                                               Signing of WWI Armistice 1918

Monday, November 12th - Veterans Day observed.

Thursday, November 15th - VFW meeting 6:30 PM

                                                  Troop packages filled 4:15 PM

                                                  Auxiliary meeting 5:00 PM

Wednesday, November 21st - Grenada Campaign ended 1983

Thursday, November 22nd - Thanksgiving Day

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 3:26 PM MDT
Friday, 5 October 2018
Now Playing: Thank you Laverne
Topic: Post 3274

Friday, October 5th - Dart Tournament

Sunday, October 7th - Afghanistan War began 2001                           Canteen open on Sundays  11:00 AM  for football games.

Monday, October 8th - Columbus Day Observed

Thursday, October 11th - House Committee meeting  5:30 PM

Saturday, October 13th - US Navy established 1775

Thursday, October 18th - VFW meeting 6:30 PM

                                             Troop packages filled 4:15 PM

                                             VFW Auxiliary meeting 5:00 PM

Tuesday, October 23rd - Grenada Campaign began 1983

Wednesday, October 24th - United Nations Day

Saturday, October 27th - Navy Day

Wednesday, October 31st - Halloween                   BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 5:16 AM MDT
Friday, 31 August 2018
September,2018 Calendar of Events
Now Playing: Thanks Laverne

Sunday - September 2nd - V-J Day:  Japan signed Formal Surrender - 1945

Monday - September 3rd - Labor Day

Friday - September 7th - Dart Tournament

Sunday - September 9th - Grandparents Day

                                               Quarter Master - Cathy Brock's birthday

Tuesday - September 11th - Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance

Thursday - September 13th - House Committee meeting 5:30 PM

Friday, September 14th - VFW Auxiliary organized 1914

                                              Star-Spangled Banner written by Francis Scott Key - 1814

Monday, September 17th - US Constitution Approved 1787

                                                 Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

Tuesday - September 18th - US Air Force Established - 1947

Thursday - September 20th - VFW meeting 6:30 PM

                                                    Auxiliary meeting 5:00 PM

                                                    Troop Care packages done 4:15 PM

Friday - September 21st - POW/MIA Recognition Day

Sunday - September 23rd - Autumn Begins

Saturday - September 29th - VFW established - 1899

Sunday - September 30th - Gold Star Mothers and Family's Day

Lots of stuff happened or is happening in September.  See you at the Post!!!!!!

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 11:40 AM MDT
Thursday, 2 August 2018
Now Playing: Thank you Laverne
Topic: Post 3274

Wednesday, August 1st - Air Force Day

Friday, August 3rd - Dart Tournament

Saturday, August 4th - US Coast Guard established 1790

Tuesday, August 7th - Purple Heart Medal established 1782

                                       Viet Nam War began 1964 

Thursday, August 9th - House Committee meeting 5:30 PM

Sunday, August 12th - District 7 meeting - Post 3274,  Hobbs    11:00 AM

                                        Lunch to follow the meeting.  Side dishes and desserts will be welcomed.  Auxiliary is serving the lunch.

Tuesday, August 14th - Japan surrendered ending WWII  - 1945

Thursday, August 16th - VFW meeting 6:30 PM

                                            Auxiliary meeting 5:00 PM

                                           Troop Care Packages  4:15 PM

                                           National Airborne Day

Sunday, August 19th - National Aviation Day

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 10:53 AM MDT
Saturday, 30 June 2018
Laverne's Son's Project
Subject:What I been working on

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 1:04 PM MDT
Updated: Saturday, 30 June 2018 1:06 PM MDT
July, 2018 Calendar of Events
Now Playing: Thanks Laverne!
Topic: Post 3274

Monday, July 2nd - US Army Air Corps Established 1926

Wednesday, July 4th - Independence Day

Friday, July 6th - Dart Tournament

Thursday, July 12th - House Committee Meeting 5:30 PM

Thursday, July 19th - VFW Meeting 6:30 PM

                                      VFW Auxiliary Meeting 5:00 PM

                                      Troop care packages packed 4:15 PM

Saturday, July 21st-25th - National VFW and Auxiliary Convention - Kansas City, MO.

Sunday, July 22nd - Parents Day

Friday, July 27th - Korean War Ended 1953

                                 National Korean War Veterans Day

Saturday, July 28th - World War I began 1914

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 1:02 PM MDT
Tuesday, 8 May 2018

 Sid, thought you might put this on the Post blog.  There is a picture of Cathy in it saluting the Brigadier General.  I think this is interesting.


Hi Ladies,

Here's a link to the WCVE story on the VWV conference. Feel free to share on social media and any of your websites.

I have lots of photos and will add them to a shared online folder at some point in the next few days.

Thank you so much for welcoming me and helping connect me with the vets. I hope to add some of the sound from last weekend to my previous doc and pitch it to some national outlets, so I will keep you posted on that.

Thanks so much!

best, Catherine

Catherine Komp
Senior Features Editor, Producer
804-402-7662 (mobile)

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 11:05 AM MDT
Tuesday, 1 May 2018
May, 2018 Calendar of Events
Now Playing: Thanks Laverne!
Topic: Post 3274

Tuesday - May 1st - Loyalty Day                 Law Day

Thursday - May 3rd - National Day of Prayer


Friday - May 4th - Dart Tournament

Saturday - May 5th - Cinco de Mayo

Sunday - May 5th - Nurses Day

Tuesday - May 8th - V-E Day  1945

Thursday - May 10th - House Committee meeting 5:30 PM

Sunday - May 13th - Mothers Day

Tuesday - May 15th - Women's Army Corp founded

                                       Peace Officer Memorial Day

Thursday - May 17th - VFW meeting 6:30 PM

                                        Troop boxes packed 4:15 PM

                                        VFW Auxiliary meeting 5:00 PM

Saturday - May 19th - Armed Forces Day

Monday - May 28th - Memorial Day

                                       Ceremony at Prairie Haven Cemetery 10:00 AM

Posted by vfwpost3274 at 1:33 PM MDT

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